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Thread: XD vs XDM

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    XD vs XDM

    Guys, I've been around firearms for most of my 57 years. When it comes to handguns, I've always gravitated towards revolvers. I went to the range today and tried out a Glock 17 and truly enjoyed shooting it. As I was turning it back in, the range employee urged me to try the Springfield before ordering the Glock.

    They had a competition model, I think it was. Had a 5.25" barrel and he claimed it was the best pistol for the $ they had. I use an IPad for Internet and the Springfield site requires Flash, so I can't access it. What is the difference between the XD and the XDM?

    Also, how does the XD compare to a Glock. Again, I'm inexperienced in semi-autos.

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    Start reading over these thrads, the differences should be covered in them:

    Differences in xd and xdm
    XD VS. XD(m) ?
    XD or XDM?

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