shot a XD9C and a XC45 today

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      shot a XD9C and a XC45 today

      along time ago I went to the range and shot a G26, and a friends PT24/7 9mm.
      that was the first time I ever shot a handgun, I shot 50 rds that time.

      this time I rented a XD9C and shot 50, then an XD45 for another 50. this is the 2nd time ever firing a handgun.

      results are below.

      on the way out, there was a guy trying to trade an XD9 and cash for a couple walthers. he didnt have his gun on him though and the guy said to bring it in but also told him hed be much better off to find a private party. I caught him in the parking lot, and asked him if it was a compact or not and what he wanted. it ended up being the 4" barrel. he said hed hope the shop would give him 300 or 350. I gave him my number and hes going to call me if they offer him something really low. as long as it looks like it is in good shape, whats a good price for it. I can get one new for 452 from davidsons.

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      You probably need to add Tax to the Davidson's price. If I purchase new It is through Davidson's dealers.

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