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    XD SC 9mm for carry?

    Here's my question... I have the XD 9mm 4 inch barrel and I'm wondering if it's worth it to trade it in on a XD Sub for carry. Or would it be better to keep it and buy a revolver for carry?? What do you think?


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    Before I got my SIG, I carried an XD9SC that replaced an XD40 Service model. I was glad I made the switch to the SC. Much more manageable for carry IMO.

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    My son-in-law has a XD in .40 cal and a Sig P230 in .380 and I see him carry his Sig a lot more often because of concealment ease and weight.

    He was a police office, so he's carried for a number of years.

    This is not a caliber statement, just a size & weight statement.

    I believe that "heavy" & 'big" get "real old, real quick" from my experience.

    But after you hear everyone's advise, you ought to carry what you want to.

    It's a great idea to carry a friends gun (if they will let you) for a couple of day's and see if it's comfortable for you.

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    My EDC is my 9sc. However it's not unusual for to swap out the 9sc for the 40 service on occasion.

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    1. If you can conceal the Service model depending on your size go with it.
    2.The subcompact will be easier to conceal.
    3,The subcompact comes with a grip extension so if you want a bigger grip(same size as service model)
    4.You can make a sub bigger,cant make the service model smaller.
    5.Also subs are generally easier to carry since there lighter and smaller as far as wearing a gun on you...

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