Prospective purchase
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    Prospective purchase

    Am considering purchasing a S&W M&P C 9mm or a Springfield XD 9mm for a carry piece. Any Recommendations? Pros or cons?

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    Well, I like the P99c the best, and the HK P2000SK next. But between those 2 - I'd get the M&Pc. I think it's a better gun than the XD, personally.

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    Not enough of a difference between them to make a recommendation. Just buy the one that fits your hand better, and don't look back...


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    Both are excellent guns - the key difference is the grip safety on the XD. The M&P on the other hand has the safety built into the trigger. Your call on that one.

    The XD *has* been on the market longer - what bugs there were have been shaken out. Then again, the M&P seems to have no serious vices.

    I'll note that I traded my XD in some months ago - not because I didn't like it - I just wasn't carrying it as much as the others - it's *just* a little blocky (like a Glock). I still have my M&P compact.

    In retrospect, if I had to choose between the two, I might end up with the XD.

    In general I agree with PhilR. - buy the one that fits your hand.

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