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    910 or 410

    Has anybody had much experience with either of these pistols 910 or 410 s&w? Just was wondering about being reliable and accruate.
    thanks for any info.

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    If U like the grip, I think these are good guns. Haven't really heard anything neg about them.

    I am not a huge fan of the stock grip - it feels like the gun is about to fall outta my hand. But U can buy the Hogue grip replacement. Much better

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    They are basically an economy line 5906/4006. The slide isn't machined as
    much, the safety is single-side, and there are some plastic parts inside replacing metal parts.

    I personally vastly prefer 9mm to .40SW; so, I would go with the 915.

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    I've owned both and they are good reliable pistols. It really depends on whether you want 11rds of 40 or 15,17 or 20rds of 9mm. I currently own a 915 because I like the extra rounds.

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