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    What's a good alternative to the S&W Model 28?

    When I moved to Florida from Montana I sold my trusty S&W Highway Patrolman; I'm finally flush enough to pick up another .357 but the Model 28's are hard to come by. What's a good alternative in S&W or another double action .357? I'm not married to a 6" barrel, but wouldn't want to go real short. I loved that I could practice with inexpensive 38 special rounds in the Model 28. Also, what's the best value in a S&W 38 spl?

    Sorry if this has been addressed in the forums already; I'm new to this site and can't seem to search this matter with any luck...

    Ken in Florida

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    New? the 686 family. You could always try and find a used model like you had, they're out there.

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    VA is right with going for the L frame 586 (blue) or 686 (stainless) the weight would slightly less than the N frame mod, 28. Look around for used and you might look at the K frame Mod 19 or 66, have all of the above and weight and felt recoil are real good on the L Frames. But my first gun that I bought for myself was a 6 inch Mod 19 and has been one of my best friends for ever and always a fun gun to shoot.
    Shoot safe and have fun doing it.

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    I, too parted with a S.&W. Mod. 28. Alas, there is no replacement.

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    S&W still makes the 27. Which is an N frame .357/ .38 special. I recently got a new 586 with a 4 inch barrel that I really like. S&W make a lot of nice variations in 686. The 686 plus holds 7 rounds which is cool, the performance center has some really nice options also. I would check them all out to see what suits your need. I would say you cant go wrong with any of them.

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    The 686 is probably the most popular S&W .357 and most common to find today. I and a Model 65, which was an old police pistol. It had a 3" barrel, and was a pretty nice gun.

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    If I were going to buy another .38 S&W I'd look for a model 10 or 15 (I have 4). Anything in an older K frame. If you're looking for a shooter and not a collector piece, either would do you just fine. Prices are affordable as well. Try gunbroker to get a sense of what's available and what prices could be. You'll probably do better in a local pawn shop or LGS, but gunbroker is a good place to get a price range.

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    I'm shocked by the prices these old S&Ws are bringing. I got $300 for that old model 65 that I traded for a M&P, and I felt it was a pretty good deal until I saw an identical 65 (USED) on the shelf for over $900 at two different stores recently. Actually, I believe both listed for $985. That's nearly $1000 for a USED S&W Model 65. Granted, that was some three years after I traded my 65, but friends...that is inSANE!!!


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