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If anyone is looking for a good ccw holster I'd suggest looking at versacarry.com. They make very bare-bones, straight-to-the-point inside the waistband holsters. Very light weight, quick and easy drawl, and you barely feel it there unlike other more costly holsters.
I bought a Versacarry to try out and review. It has just arrived.

I haven't used it yet, so I can't yet review it. Give me a week or so.
But there is one important observation I can make, just from looking at the package and instructions:
It is not possible to reholster normally, into a Versacarry.

According to the maker's instructions, the act of reholstering requires the user to remove the device from his pants, reinsert the pistol, and then replace the combination into the pants. This is a very complex three-act play!

During the coming week or so, I'll wring it out. Then I'll report back.

(BTW: If a Versacarry user posts a review, as nozmadd0x has done here, the Versacarry people will give the poster another free Versacarry! Beware of all-too-complimentary reviews!)