S & W Hammerless Nickel 38

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      S & W Hammerless Nickel 38

      I have a very old pistol that was my Grampa's & I'm interested in selling it.
      Serial No. is 65261.
      Nickel w/mother of pearl handle,38 cal. Has some pit spots.
      Top of gun reads: S & W Springfield, Mass. LSA Pat'd Feb 20th,Dec. 1877,May IL 60,Sept. 11,Oct. 12.05,Aug. 4.85,Feb. 14.86,April 9.88,June 30.90.
      Could someone give me a ballpark price on gun and where to go to sell it? Gunbroker?
      Any help appreciated, Thanks--Mark

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      looks like a first model, made between 1891 and 1902 is my guess.... the safety hammerless is also known as the "lemon squeezer"

      best guess for a place to sell it would be the s&w forum

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      Not sure but its nice. Gunbrokers a good place.

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      ...It's worth at least $450.00, and, because of the nickle and mother-of-pearl, it might be worth much more.

      Sell it to a collector, not a gunshop. A store would give you only about 50% of the selling price.

      The best sales method would be to place it with a gun-auction house, for instance Rock Island Arms. That's how you'd realize the most money from it.

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      Don't sell Grandpa's Gun. You will be sorry. You should keep it in the Family.

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      Quote Originally Posted by chup View Post
      Don't sell Grandpa's Gun. You will be sorry. You should keep it in the Family.
      I think I agree here....it didnt cost you anything so keeping it wont cost you but selling what should be a family heirloom might make you sorry you did

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