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    james56 is offline Junior Member
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    None of them!! But if you go with Stags or Ivory Try a Tyler T. I have a S&W M-1917 N Frame set up that way looks awsome but doesnt fit all thats great. All of rest of mine have Factory Combats, but alot peaple of say they dont fit there hand. Fit mine best.

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    sorry, none of them. butt no pun intended grips i think are a real personal choice. i use badger or altamont grips on mine dark rosewood for stainless and nickel and light walnut for blued or black finishes to each his own

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    I have always had a passion for stag grips myself, and the ones offered by Grashorns Gunworks I think are the best. These here are "no bark" on my Smith 27-2.

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    Jeeze, this is an old, resurrected thread. Don, have you made your decision yet?

    According to my antique art-school training, you have to contrast some quality of the color or texture or polish of the gun to the similar quality or qualities of the grips.
    So you've got a shiny, silvery-colored gun. The gun is a cold color (chrome? nickle?) that seems to have greenish overtones.
    Well, ivory is smooth and warm-colored, so, to my eyes, ivory jangles against the smooth and cold-colored gun.
    The same would be true of stag without "bark." But with the rough-textured "bark," stag would look better than ivory, against the smooth, cold-colored gun. Still, it would be a warm color against a cold one, and, at least to me, that's not exactly right.
    So I'll have to vote for black rubber. Modern black is also made from greenish material. It's rough-textured and a dark almost-neutral color, against the smooth, bright, cold-colored gun. But I absolutely hate the massively oversize, finger-grooved lump of most of the Pachmayers and Hogues. Instead, get a smaller, form-fitting rubber grip set from Pachmayer. It'll have a middle-finger filler, so it'll be comfortable in use.

    Does that help?

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    Wow - you're right this is an old thread.

    I finally put the Black back on - I liked the ivory - but I didn't like the feel when I shot a lot.

    So Black are on there now.

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    I guess it all depends on whether you're just using it for target only or as your daily carry piece.

    If you're just target shooting then I would go with the rubber grips. At that point it's not about looks as much as comfort. Shooting a few hundred rounds with either the ivory or stag will definately wear on your hand, making your experience an unpleasurable one unless you're into pain.

    If you're carrying it, then I would go with the stag (and a Tyler T-Grip * but I would get them fitted better from what I can see from the pictures. I like the stags as they give you that touch of class but give you a textured grip to give you that positive bond between hand and gun (IMO). I don't like rubber grips for my pistols cause I do carry them from time to time and I don't like how the rubber grabs my clothing, thus telling everyone that I have a gun on my hip! The stag would let your outter garment to slide across the gun's grip lowering the gun's signature.

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    Black rubber seems to fit and look better....JJ

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    I have the old hard rubber Pachmayrs on my 66-2. They aren't as pretty as either the factory wood grips or the fancy wood finger grips that I have had on it. But I shoot better with them, and besides, it stays in the safe when I'm not shooting it, so I leave them on it.

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    NMpops is offline Junior Member
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    I'd like the stags if they fit better.

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    I just can't get away from wood.

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