SW9VE Slide "slop"?
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    SW9VE Slide "slop"?

    I just bought a new 9mm Sigma for Christmas. I have only fired 100 rounds through it and am very pleased with it... so far. After stripping and cleaning it, I have noticed that there is a very slight amount of lateral movement of the slide on the rails. To be honest, it may have been that way the whole time, but I never checked for that when I bought it.

    Is a tiny bit of side to side movement is normal or am I being too picky? I realize that I do not want it to be too tight or there would be the risk of jamming.

    Yeah, I know it is a $350 gun (before rebate), but it is a Smith & Wesson!

    And no, I am NOT the type of person who would complain if I was hanged with a new rope!


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    The movement is typical of the Sigma and many other guns in various price ranges. Don't worry about it.

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    The Sigma is a combat pistol. It's designed to feed and fire. Combat guns are not target guns. Meaning that they are not as tight.

    Basically the Sigma is not as accurate as a target pistol but will be more reliable. They make them a little loose so the dirt has somewhere to go.

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    My 9VE has been flawless over several years and it has a little slop. Just enjoy it.

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    My son's Sigma 40 had a reliabity issue(Cleaning-non- military type background). Striker not hitting the primer was issue. I am a amatuer gunsmith with a diploma and couldn't fix it. Called S&W- great Tech guys-found out that 1st part they sent me was wrong-there are 4!! striker assemblies(How many Glock siuts?). Got the right one in a entire new slide !!!

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