Just got ANOTHER 669 9mm...

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      Just got ANOTHER 669 9mm...

      I found another 9mm stainless S&W 669 that is identical to my other 669. Ive owned my first 69 since the early ninty's and it has never jammed or failed ever, and I have shot a ridiculous amount of rounds through it. Ive also heard that S&W only made these for two years, is that correct?
      My reasoning for buying the second was that now,
      I have two pistols that shoot the same rounds{9mm}.
      I can keep one by my bed and the other in the car without having to remember to carry one to the other.
      I can interchange magazines with both weapons.
      I can interchange magazines with both weapons.
      9mm ammo is relatively cheap {compared to my S&W 500}.
      My wife cant tell one from the other so she will never have to know I bought another.
      Both are very reliable.
      I will, however, buy a few backup parts for both such as new recoil springs, hammer springs, firing pins..........
      Anyone have any suggestions as to what other parts wear on these pistols that I need to buy? thanks for reading, Mike.
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