226 X-Five Competition

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      226 X-Five Competition

      My new gun shoot as a draem, i put all sort off 9 mm ammo in it and its

      seems to have no change at all what kind off ammo you use.

      The new X-five competition is my favorite


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      I know what you're saying, the X-five is a heck of a fine shooting pistol. It was one of my favorites the first time I shot it. Another nice target nine you might want to try is the S&W 952.

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      nice to hear, cant wait to get mine, but the paperwork here in Sweden is not so fast when you buy weapons...

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      The X-Five is amazing. I think its one of the best 9mms money can buy. I have the standard version, but the Competition model is great as well. Its just like mine, but without the wood grips and adjustable trigger. I never adjusted my trigger anyway. The factory setting is great.

      Here's my X-Five along with my P210. The P210 is a Swiss legend, but prices are way out of control now.

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