sig night sights
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    sig night sights

    i am about to outfit all my sigs with new night sights. i am unsure about the different sizes (#6, #8, etc.) that these sights come in. what 'size' sight should i get to keep the sights as close to factory 'size' as possible? they are all three shooting more accurate than anything i have ever owned, i don't want to screw that up.
    i also want to get a weapon mounted light for the 229r. anybody have a suggestion that won't hang way out the front or require a morgage on my house?

    thanks all!

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    Have you checked to see what numbers are on the sights you have mounted ?

    Easiest would be to just replace with same, same

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    The smallest tactical light I am aware of is the Insight X2. It's not terribly bright (40 lumens), but is very compact. I wouldn't put it on a fighting rifle, but the two I've played with seemed more than sturdy enough for typical pistol use, and is inexpensive.
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