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    P250c or 2022 or Glock 23 conversion

    I am a new member and would like some help in picking out a gun. I am a retired LEO, worked 16 years as the department rangemaster and shoot USPSA with a Glock 34 built by ZEV Glockworxs. I have been working as an armed security officer involved in high value or high risk targets. I have been carrying a gen 4 Glock 23 which I love but I have arthritis in my fingers and hands, so when shooting the gun left handed for semi annual qualification, the .40 cal recoil is causing me so much pain that I am now missing head shots at 7 yards. I am looking at converting my Glock to a 9mm but thought it might be better to get a gun that states 9mm on the barrel, not .40 cal when carrying 9mm.

    The gun is concealed but usually I am obvious to some people (bad guys) that I am carrying a gun, so total concealability is not a necessity. I have been debating on the P250c or the 2022 in 4" barrels, 9mm. I will be using high cap magazines. I have not seen to many posts on the P250c, so I want some feedback about it.

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    I would just purchase a Glock 19 Gen4. Keep the .40 or trade it in, but stick with Glock since that is what you're used to. Why have to start all over with an entirely new pistol? Now if you just want a different make for recreation, etc., then sure, do so, but if you're going to continue to work with this pistol, stick with what you already know well. I carry the G19 G4 and love it! The recoil is very low, and it fits my hand perfectly. If you're used to the G23, it seems to me to be the most logical transition. Good luck!


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