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    +1 Too much for a cast frame 1911!!!!! Buy a Colt or Springfield for less money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baldy View Post
    Hey Sucklead if they are going to pay $1OOO for that one try a S&W 1911/45 for about $700 or $800 that works right out of the box. You can get a Colt for that kind of money too. If you want one for less get a Springfield for about $500. I sure wouldn't give a $1000 for that one. Each to his own I guess.
    Theres no guarantee anything will work right out of the box from any manufacturer. Every company has a lemon or two. My S&W1911PD came with a non functional grip GSR revolution has been 100% in over 2k rounds out of the box.

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    Nice gun!

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    Like any new release ...... there will be some "bugs" that need addressed, but all in all I have found my SIG revolution a good buy for the money.

    Keep in mind that many top of the line 1911's [ like Nighthawk and Wilson ] will set you back about 2 grand !! If you are going to use this type of weapon for personal defense, by all means spend the bucks to get quality.

    The Revolution seems to fall into the category where a working man can afford the gun. I could never afford to wear or carry a 1911 that costs $2,000 to $3,000 ........... but I was able to make a trade in order to get a first gen. GSR Revolution 1911. It has many of the accuracy designs that the "big boys" build into their custom pistols.

    I did make some changes to my Revolution straight away. First, I installed a TUNGSTEN full length guide rod. I have read some questionable things about the use of a full length guide rod.........but have come to my own conclusion that they can help. Many have told me that Tungsten will not hold up in this kind of application........but my guide rod made by EGW has held up just fine. The quailty was outstanding. Why a Tungsten guide rod ? Heavier than lead is the reason ........ it adds mass to the weapon and helps me with recoil flip tremendously.

    I also choose to use a second no-no [ for carry gun considerations ] and that is I run a Shok-buff system in my 1911. Since I field strip my weapons after each range use; I am able to keep a close eye on the wear and tear of the buffer that I am using. I never keep one more than about 500 rounds......and have never found one about to fall apart [Wilson Brand ]. I shoot my 1911 alot and use hot loads to practice I feel the Shok-buff may extend the life of my frame a bit longer......again just IMHO.

    I also added a mag well loading can be done without looking at the weapon. John Masen Inc. makes a perfect Stainless steel match for the SIG in finish and in checkering.

    Next I installed a very nice "extended Mag. Release" on this gun. Again it comes from John Masen Inc. I chose the blued version to mount on my all Stainless Revolution and the contrast makes for a very hansome design. The extended release needed some minor fitting to make it work flawlessly -- but now I would never leave home without it! Again, some purist will tell you that you don't want an extended release on your carry gun because it can get caught on holsters or get accidentally activated. I have never had any of those problems using my Fobus 1911 Holster.

    I have found that my SIG 1911 will shoot anything I load into it.......... my favorite load is the Blazer 230 gr. hardball ammo. Pretty cheap considering the caliber.......... I don't reload, so why not use the throw away aluminum casings. The accuracy of this weapon is outstanding, as with most 1911's that are built well. Until I am able to afford a Nighthawk.......... I love my GSR Revolution.

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    I purchased the SS GSR1911 2 months ago. Best looking gun I have ever owned. Back to SIG 2x for feed and jam issues. I read soooo many negative posts at various forums the I got rid of it yesterday and picked up a SS SIg P220 Match. I will shoot this gun tomorrow and hope that it works better that the GSR. Anyone out there have any time with the new 220 Match?

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