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    What Sig do I have?

    New to the forum and have a question. Picked up my 2nd Sig today and cant figure out exactly what it is. It is a 9mm 226 and has the following features:

    Matte finish Frame
    Front strap and front of trigger guard sport serrations that run ACROSS the frame
    Frame stamped, "Frame made in Germany"
    Rail with 3 picatinny style cuts
    Serial number U 762 XXX
    two piece stippled polymer grip with lanyard recess molded in and "P226" molded in

    Slide is stainless two-tone with polished flats and matte recesses
    Slide is etched with Sigarms custom shop logo on Right side of frame only
    looks like Eqinox slide
    has night sights marked MH3 AG

    Top of bbl is polished to match frame, sides of bbl are matte blue

    Controls and trigger are not silver like the Equinox. They are all matte finish

    Is this a limited run, a discontinued model, or a "Frankenstein" put together from parts? Any help with identification of the exact model is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,


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    Do you have the box? Might be an earlier version of Equinox.

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    Sounds like someone did their own Equinox. Put up some pics if you can, I'd love to see it.

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    New details to update to the identification problem....

    The frame is alloy.

    The top of the slide is polished stainless from front to back and side to side. It is not like the stainless "stripe" on top of the Equinox slide.

    Once again, any and all help is greatly appreciated. As a side note, it shoots incredibly well. Completely reliable and very accurate through 200 rnds of Fed 115gr.


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    From the sound of it it looks like you've got a platinum elite, or another elite, that has had the grips changed out to something other than the silver grips. Maybe a slightly older one with the frame being made in Germany, the new ones are not stamped Germany, but NH.
    Alloy frame, night sights, two tone, polished flats, etc... it all checks out except for the grips. It sounds like you got a very nice gun! I'm not a big fan of the shiny metal or silver grips so I would have changed them out as well.
    Take a look at this and see if it looks familiar:
    P226 Platinum Elite

    This Elite has a frame made in Germany:
    Sig Sauer P 226 R 40 S&W TSE Elite Sig N/S 2 Tone : Semi-auto at

    As you'll notice the slides are marked with the models. What does your slide say?


    Edit: Was also thinking that it could be a Sig certified gun. Sometimes when they bring the gun back up to par they use various parts, some that weren't original to whichever model it originally may have been.
    Best thing to do is post a picture, as stated...

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