Replacement for stolen pistol

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      Replacement for stolen pistol

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      I had a burglary 3 weeks ago and among the 5 pistols stolen were my nickel P220 and 30 year old P225. I had replaced the P220 with a CPO duo tone P220, but need something to compensate for the loss of the P225.

      I visited my LGS Monday, and in the used 45 case was a 1911 C3 still in the factory plastic. Seems a guy bought the new 1911 on Saturday, was talked into a revolver by a friend, and traded it back that morning for a S&W 357. I bought a "new" 1911 for $550!. The warranty card [and everything else] was still there, so as far as SIG knows, I the original owner. Not a bad replacement for an old P225, don't you think?

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      Congratulations, sorry about the burglary.

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