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    "Moe's" Home

    Actually, it's been home for nearly a week now. Obviously, I've been having way to much fun at the range breaking him in!

    Overall, I've been very happy with the performance of the Sig Mosquito. Ergos for my 5' 8"-avg build is perfect, and being a P226 fan, the controls are right where they should be. Right out of the box at ranges of up to 15 yds, the .22s are going precisely where I what them to. DA trigger pull is definitely heavy, but I have no complaints in SA - once I figure the pull for the 1st round outta the mag, my accuracy should go up a notch.

    Reliability-wise, I am encountering the typical Skeeter issues. The first 250 rds on the lighter spring was near flawless, with only one FTF (hangup on the chamber's lip). I have gone another 150 rounds on the heavier spring and I had eight of them (six as described above and two weird ones where the round wasn't even pulled from the magazine; never seen that one before).

    Countering this, I am (for now) enjoying the occasional failure. Today, while cycling my 100 rds, my ability to identify a failure and recover from it had improved considerable. Relearning this skill will no doubt serve me when I move up to a more traditional caliber for home-defense.

    Initially, I thought my plan was using "Moe" for a few months, then trade in. However, I have really learned a lesson in economics in these six days. Four 100-count boxes of MiniMags at $9 a box vs range reloads of 9mm going for $15 per 50 rds. I think that thought was running thru my mind when I bought the Laserlyte V2 that's you can see attached to the rail as well as an additional ridiculously-priced magazine!

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll be keeping it.


    Sig Mosquito... and proud of it!!!

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    i loved my moe, it always went bang. i sold it to my father in law so i could afford to buy my hk uspc .40 and i sold it to him so i could still shoot it when i wanted too

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