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      Smile recoil reducer EFK firedragon

      Has anyone here had any experience with the recoil reducer return spring assembly from EFK firedragon? Does it actually reduce recoil?


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      I've never used one. Reduces recoil? Probably not. I'm not an armorer so I may need some help on this - the return spring is just that - it controls the amount of pressure needed to move the slide back to eject the used round and reload a new round.

      The only ways I know to reduce recoil are -

      1. Use a smaller caliber round.

      2. Ported barrel.

      3. Reload your own ammo and reduce the powder.

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      I've not fired anything (auto) with a ported barrel. In all the many I've tried, the only one I would've considered it to be best suited to would've been a Dessert Eagle. Everything else I've fired has been managable with a proper grip. In what I own I don't see a need for having a ported barrel. Your needs/wants may differ.

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