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    Trijicon..Trijicon glowing bright
    in the darkness of the night
    what poor mortal hand or eye
    doth fear thy mortal symmety...

    Just put a pair on a sig 225....really pleased...


    all yaneed is love and a .45

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    My P220 came with factory night sights and I like them better than the Trijicons on some of my Glocks. I went with Meprolights on my G19 last month, and I do like the Mepros better and they happen to be cheaper. Either way, the addition of night sights on any SD pistol is definitely a benefit.

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    I agree night sights are a great nad needed investment on a defensive handgun.
    I like the Sig sights and Trijicon as well but I LOVE the Tru Glo Fiber Optic night sights. Can't put them on my M&p or I would, dont think they're available for it but I have them on 2 G-17's a G-23 and My XD .45.
    Check 'em out if you can. I'll try and post a pic.

    Dang! I guess i don't know how but they are worth a look, very bright day or night!

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