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    Sig Designer Guns ???

    What's with Sig and some of their new products? IMO they're going a tad overboard and ruining a brand name. Comments anyone???

    Here are three, all 9mm:

    P226 X-Six Scandic (MSRP $2,799.00)

    P226 X-Five Golden Dragon (MSRP $2,699.00)

    And my favorite... P226 X-Six Scandic Blue (MSRP $2,799.00)

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    My opinion...


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    These "designer types" of designs have been available in/from Germany for years. Not to my taste personally, but then I still can't believe Rod Stewart and David Hasslehoff can sell out concerts any time of year there. It's not anything new, just maybe newly available here. Different strokes is all, I guess. If I had the $$, I'd consider one of the UBER engraved ones, but I'm not partial to the whole "bling" thing.

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    the first isn't terrible but the second is just not my cup of tea nor would it be. names really don't matter to me as long as it functions properly.

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