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    Buying Used

    hey guys,

    this is my first post over here on and its probably a really dumb question, but here goes..

    Im checking out GunBroker for a new (to me) Sig. My budget is kind of limited right now and I saw a couple 225's, used, for a decent price. They are West German Police service pistols made in 2/82 and 6/85. I know theyre kind of old and have probably been used heavily.

    My question is..

    Do these Sigs hold there value? Anything I should look for? Easily replace-able parts? Easily worn out parts?

    Thanks in advance from the noob to end all noobs

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    I'm not sure what to look for in terms of wear, but this was posted here not too long ago. Good luck!

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    Welcome aboard!

    Some surplus P225s recently came on the market at very good prices. Those who have purchased them seem thrilled with the guns. Police guns are typically carried a lot and fired seldom, probably doubly so in Europe, and so I suspect most of these guns are in fine shape.

    Like most SIGs, the P225 is an excellent, reliable, durable pistol. If you like single-stack DA pistols, it's a very good choice. My only caveat is that the elongated trigger guard prevents it from fitting in some molded holsters for other SIGs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Barham View Post
    My only caveat is that the elongated trigger guard prevents it from fitting in some molded holsters for other SIGs.

    Its a good gun. Its easy to shoot and very relaible(per its reputation).
    Mike is nice with the holster fit issue. It BLOWS trying to find a decent holster for the gun.
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    Crossbreed has the mold for them.

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