Properly Clean & Maintane Sig
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    Properly Clean & Maintain Sig

    Here is the basics:

    Cleaning and Inspection w/220

    -Wiped down each week.

    -once a month, or every each trip to the range.
    -Sig is broke down, parts are inspected with led light.
    -take grips off (clean dust,grit,etc.)
    -Use Q-tips for hard to reach areas (soaked with CLP), also used on rails.
    -use tooth brush to wipe dust,grit,etc. of parts.
    -CLP is used just as it's intended. (clean,lubricate and protect)

    Is CLP good enough to use a primary (only lubricant)?
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    Yes, I use only CLP for everything. I quit using gun scrubber and Rem-Oil a few years ago, and I only use CLP now.

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    It works just fine as a lubricant. I prefer to have a seperate solvent myself. Something kerosene-based usually.

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    I use army surplus Rifle bore cleaner to clean my barrels and CLP for the rest.

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    I love CLP! It was the bomb in the military, and it's the bomb at my cleaning bench! I swear by Hoppes 9 for the initial bore cleaning though. Break Free has come out with a 'carbon cutter' also in a look-alike bottle to the CLP. Very good product and almost a do-it-all product, but not quite.

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