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    i shoot eatch week in my IPSC lessons more than 400 rounds in my sigs: one 1X-five and one Xpress, all two of them in 9 mm.

    i like to shoot al sort of 9 mm , but specially Remington , Geco, en also Magtech 24 grains.

    afther i cleaned my guns , i passed a sheet or five,( a good mark) off toiletpaper in the canon, when you do so, you will see that when you thinking that your canon is clean , afther you passed the toiletpaper it is really !!

    sorry for my englisch


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    1. Lie to wife about acquisition
    2. Field strip
    3. Clean wherever you see packing gunk
    4. Lubricate
    5. Inspect magazine(s) - disassemble & clean when necessary
    6. Reassemble, function test, safety test
    7. Take to range and shoot
    8. Lie about your great groups

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    My policy is to shoot until they are no longer considered new and then buy another.

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    THIS THREAD IS "Back from the Dead"

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    I love my Sig Pro 2022.

    Mine stove piped on my 1st magazine through it - it only happened once.

    It's never done it again.

    You may be past this - but on all my new guns I always use a high quality "snap cap" (usually A-Zoom brand) and practice getting a feel for my new trigger.

    The dry firing helps to break in and smooth my triggers.

    Again congratulations on buying a great gun - I've only had mine a short time, but really like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brass Balls View Post
    • Study the use of force laws in your state
    • Apply for your concealed carry permit
    • While you're waiting for your permit practice as much as possible
    • Enlist the help of a professional trainer, that will get you up to speed much faster and negate the need to unlearn bad habits later.

    Agreed, just went and took my States CWP class today and it was fun and very informative. Alot of common sense but with all the laws you want to make sure you know your States and any State that you may want to take it to in the future (reciprocity)...and always brush up on you laws and stay informed...laws change!!! Dont get caught in a bad situation by not staying informed.

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