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    Don't know if you bought a big gun or not yet but I have a couple .44 Mags, both S&W 629's, and can say for sure that if you can't kill it with one of these then the .454 isn't going to do you any more good. Learn to shoot accurately with small calibers working your way up to the big bores. I have had many Rugers over the years from Super Blackhawks to Redhawks and have never liked the way they feel in my hands. They are great guns but I like the way my S&W's feel when firing them. The Rugers seem to punish you more in the heavy calibers. Maybe look at a Smith 629 with a scope next time you go shopping. I like the long barrels but that is just a balance thing with me. In any regard, get close and place your shot .......... there should be no doubt where the round is going to hit. Have fun.

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    I love to play with sharp things too and found this on the Cold Steel website. It's a waterbuffalo hunt gone wrong and the Ruger Super Redhawk in action. More controllable than I had thought but I bet Lynn was peeing his pants!

    Lynn Thompson Blog : Cold Steel Knives

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    Big fan of the .44 Mag. It will take any North American game animal. I prefer it in the Super Blackhawk. Not a fan of double action .44 magnums. I can get a second shot off just as fast with single action because of the recoil.

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    Friend of mine just purchased the Taurus Raging Bull, and was affraid to fire the .454 cas through it, he picked up some .45 LC and wanted to call that good. I said screw that and bought a box of Hornady 360 grain rounds (the biggest available at the range) and put him in the firing range. Still wouldn't shoot it. It's an intimidating gun and cartridge so I don't blame him. He said I could "deflower" his brand new revolver. I've never fired a revolver before. The grips feel a bit strange to me. I put a round in the drum, clicked it in, rolled it around to where when I cocked the hammer and pulled the trigger it would fire the round.

    Took afew breaths. adjusted my grip on the gun. adjusted again. Took a breath, came up on target, sighted in, bit shakey so I came down, took a couple more breaths, came up and squeezed for dear life.

    Really wasn't too bad. The revolver isn't ported, which would probably help, but I feel like the recoil was very manageable, probably due to the heft of that gun more than anything. Could I shoot it all day? Hell no, but you don't sit around with a 12 gauge shooting 3" slugs all day neither. I could have put 20 rounds through and not be too mad at myself for doing it.

    Don't have anything to say about the 44 mag, still haven't fired one. Just putting in my experience with the casull, it's too be respected and approached properly, but it's really not so bad, personally.

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    I've owned a Super RedHawk .44 mag since 1991 and it's going to outlast me by a long shot. I do like the fact that you can find ammo to feed it almost anywhere. A deer or a hog won't notice the difference between the .44 mag and a .454 but a big bear might.

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    I have shot and killed with my Taurus Raging Bull 454 many times. The gun is impressive and has a smooth recoil with the ported barrel.
    I can even shoot it with one hand.

    I dont even know why people compare the two (.44Mag VS the 454 Casull). There not even close. The 454 has twice as much power.
    The .44 Mag 240Gr bullet has 971 ft/lbs of energy at the muzzle, and only 685 ft/lbs at 100 yards.
    The 454 Casull 240Gr bullet has 1923 ft/lbs of energy at the muzzle, and 1163 ft/lbs at 100 yards.
    Thats a big difference when your hunting!

    Here is my T.R.B with 260Gr Magtech @ 1800fps.

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    Buffalo Bore Heavy .44 Magnum +P+ Ammo - 340 gr. L.F.N. - G.C. (1,478 fps/M.E. 1,649 ft. lbs.) Well, I guess it's how you load em? I don't know what your hunting, but if that load can't do it for you within 50 yards, you better work on shot placement.
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    Denner, Buffalo Bore opened my eyes to what the under rated 44 mag was capable of. They also don't load the 454 to it's max preasures because of problems with bullets jumping their crimp and causing cylinder lock up. It is better to have a realiable round than a big banger that might not perform when you need it the most,
    My 454 loads delivered 1976 Ft Lbs at the muzzle and 1363 at 100 yards, my 44 mag loads deliver 1513 FT Lbs at the muzzle and 1053 at 100 yards. Although the 454 has impressive energy it is a far cry from twice what the 44 mag is capable of producing. Both handguns by the way would break clay pigeons at 200 yards with ease.

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