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    info on ruger revolver

    looking for info @ ruger blackhawk .357 single-action revolver

    serial# 36-05062. could use year model and approx. value

    lookiing to sell or trade for small semi-auto.

    any help is much appeciated.

    advance thanx. brother-in-arms

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    The serial number range puts the gun in the 1982~1983 range. Blue or stainless, Barrel length? Condition?

    Value, as a wild guess, would be in the $400~$500 range, selling to individual. Trade in expect about 25% less.

    Bob Wright

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    I've seen two different blued 6.5" .357 Blackhawks locally in the last week or so; both about 90% condition. One was priced at $349, the other at $369.
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    What model it is is impossible to determine with the very vague info provided. Just too many variations. Value depends on details not provided so hard to say. I do think the $400-500 range is high. Around here they'd be $350-425 with only really clean ones being on the higher end of that range. Trade in value would of course be lower as the dealer would need a reasonable profit margin. Figure $250-275 on a trade/sale to a dealer. Also, it's not always a dollar for dollar thing either. If what you end up with is what you really want, that's worth more than getting every last $ out of whatever you're trading/selling.

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