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    Laser’s for the SR9c

    I am looking into laser sights for my new SR9c, which I purchased for use as my primary home defense weapon (for now)… I like the sights came with the gun, but I’m looking to add the laser for low-no light situations. It appears there are two major families of “laser sights” out there for handguns and I can see advantages & disadvantages for both:

    Grip Activated (like the Crimson Trace LG-449) - On the + side, the LG-449 doesn’t require you to think, it’s “on” the moment you grip the gun, but it doesn’t have an manual on/off switch, so you’d have to take out the batteries to train without it on (seems like it would be a PITA)

    Manually activated (Laserlyte FSL-3 or Crimson Trace CMR-201) – These both have to be manually activated, which during a stressful situation could result in precious time wasted fumbling to turn the thing on, but because of that feature, it would be easy to train with & without the use of the laser

    So, the question is: If you have a Laser Sight on your SR9c, or are looking into one like me; which type did/will you choose & why??

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    I have the Crimson Trace LG-449 on both of my SRc's......


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    I have the same style for my Kahr and it works very nicely!


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    Another vote for the Crimson Trace Laserguard here, I have three of them one on my LCP, one on my LC9 and another that my SR9C & SR40c share. I love the grip activation feature. Wish I could afford CT lasers for all my carry guns.

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