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Thread: SR 9c

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    I own a SR9c which I purchased back in August. It has about 500+ rounds through it and has yet to experience any functional problems. However, there is one problem that many seem to have and that is the pin which holds the mag release tries to work its way out of the frame. Several of us have used loctite or CA glue to fix it and this seems to take care of it. I find the gun to be extremely accurate for an auto pistol, for a compact pistol, for a handgun in general. It shoots as well as any revolver I have allowing me to put 10 rounds into the X ring of a man size silhouette target at 10 yds while taking my time between shots. If I rapid fire I can still keep most in the 10 or 9 ring which is perfectly acceptable to me.

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    I'm with Specter on the SR9c. Bought mine in July, have about 500 rounds through it of all makes -- ball and JHP -- with no problems. I love the trigger, love the accuracy, and like the conceal-ability. I think it's nice looking too!

    I think Ruger hit a home-run with this pistol.

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    Received the SR9c last week, put 200 rounds of federal FMJ 115gr through it. No problems with either
    magazine. I have an additional 17 round mag on order. The 10 round is fine for carry, but if I need to
    put another mag in while on the street, well something really bad is happening and I think the 17 round
    mag is in order.

    The spring was a bit stiff at first purchase, but after 200 rounds it seemd to loosen up just fine.

    Love the feel, love the caliber, love the trigger, I love this gun! I would sleep with her were it not for what
    the wife would say!!!


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    A few months ago I headed to my favorite local gun store to purchase a G19 Gen4. Owned a Gen 2 a few years ago, which I liked so thought I'd update. While I was waiting I took a look at a 9c. Couldn't believe how much better it felt in my hand. The controls were exactly what I was used to with my 1911's. Decided on the spot to purchase the 9c rather than the Glock. Then they told me how much the 9c was and I hesitated since it was a couple of hundred less than the Glock. I began thinking that I should do a little research first, but the store owner vouched for it so I bought the 9c. 700 rounds now with no malfunction. Eats most anything, runs fine when it's dirty and shoots better than my 4inch 1911's. Great shooter at a bargain basement price. I have no complaints.

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    DO NOT hesitate to buy an SR9c, this gun is going to be one of Ruger's biggest sellers ever. Has a "Great Trigger" accurate and dependable. Excellent for carry, get one ASAP.

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