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Thread: CCW permit

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    CCW permit

    Just had to get a post up here for RI. If anyone has ever gone for there CCW in RI any advise would be appreciated.

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    I sure can't remember anybody ever saying they have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CLG View Post
    Jus andt had to get a post up here for RI. If anyone has ever gone for there CCW in RI any advise would be appreciated.
    The only way one gets a CCP in R.I. is for you to be a very close personal
    friend of the Chief of police, like maybe his son or something.
    You must show cause for you to even apply for one and its entirely up to his discretion.
    My dad was an NRA instructor back in the 60's and I couldn,t get anywhere with them. They don't view it as one of your rights.

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    New guy from RI - joined Forum today

    Received my pistol permit with only a 3 wk time frame from application to issuance, with no influential contacts. Maybe they are awaking to the fact that "gun free zones" encourage the BG's to feel safe and settle in.

    My advice to anyone that wants to CC and has a clean record is to be persistent in their quest to obtain your right (not priviledge) to bear arms in order to protect right to life. Most people don't realize that the mission of LE is not to protect, but to investigate. Protection is our own personal responsibility.

    Good luck to all. Merry Christmas and Happy NewYear

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    Jackene is correct about persisting in getting your ccw and that LE does not take an oath to protect us. I know the miscomception is that LE will protect us but they get to the scene of a crime(accident) after the fact. How many times have u heard about someone in danger and LE hands are tied unless something has already happened. If I am dead how does that help me to have LE there???

    Shoot what u carry and carry what u shoot.

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