Second outing with my new 24/7

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      Second outing with my new 24/7

      I went out to the local range today with my new Taurus 24/7 pro 9mm and 200 rounds. The range is out in the desert, miles from anything, the last 3-4 miles are on a gravel road and I'm not sure if I really want to keep going there (my poor Prius!). It was quiet and peaceful, until I started shooting; I doubt there was anyone else in at least a 3 mile radius. There weren't any target holders, so I shot at an empty water jug and other debris on the nearest berm, which was perhaps 25 yards away. I also fired carefully aimed shots at more distant berms, and tried rapid-fire on the nearest in order to see how much my accuracy suffered. All in all, I'd have preferred a closer target.

      With the combination of foam earplugs and a cheap set of earmuff style hearing protectors, I don't think I heard the 9mm firing at all, aside from sound conducted through my body. Later, I tried with just the 'muffs; they certainly worked well enough, but the foam plugs are better. I'll keep using both.

      With carefully aimed shots at ~25 yards, I could usually hit the water jug (or at least make it jump). The more distant shots were interesting because I could better judge the point of impact by seeing the puff of dust. With slow aimed firing (perhaps 2 seconds per shot) I was probably hitting within a ~ 1 degree circle, and usually the impact point was about where I would expect -- but not always. Sometimes it was off to the left, or high. I did not notice the consistent lower-left trend in the pattern that I had last weekend.

      With rapid fire (about 2 shots per second, not using the sights except for the initial shot) I'm not very accurate... but with some practice I think I'll get better.

      Sometimes the ejected cases came back more than flying to the side and hit the arm of my jacket, which was a little strange. Maybe I was limp-wristing slightly?

      The Brown Bear ammo was cheap ($115/1000), it worked well but it's dirty. Last weekend, I went to an indoor shooting range and fired 50 rounds of doubletap 115gr. and 50 rounds of Remington FMJ; upon disassembly, the gun still looked pretty clean. Not today! After 200 rounds it was very dirty and took some scrubbing to get clean. I cleaned it as soon as I got home.

      As for the 24/7, I'm pleased. The recoil is very low, it's very comfortable and easy to shoot. After 300 rounds through the gun I've had no misfeeds, ejection failures, or firing failures - in fact, no problems at all. I do need to figure out how to be more accurate with it. The sights are pretty good - I like the Heinie 2-dot sights better than 3-dot or 1-dot sights - but when shooting the more distant berms, like 50 or 75 yards or something like that, I felt that something smaller (fine wire, scope? - not that I want or need one) would be more appropriate. But a pistol isn't meant for that kind of distance anyway. Also, I practiced some dry-firing last night (very safely, and with a snap-cap), and found the sights very difficult to pick up in low light. Of course, even with good light it takes me a second or two to align the sights with a target.

      All in all, a good outing.

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      Sounds like you're improving. I've used Silver Bear in one of my rifles before. Functioned fine but dirty.

      And I'll try not to hold the Prius comment against you.

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      Thats nice. I am glad U like it. I'll admit, that the newest version of the 24/7 with the SA trigger has intrigued me. I'd like to try shooting one and see how it compares with the P99.

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