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    G19 + 10/22 = cheap fun @ range

    I finally got the time to take a couple of guns out on their maiden voyage to the range.The first is my G19 which I posted about previously. The second is an older 10/22 that looks to have very little wear and tear on it. When I brought the 10/22 home I tore it down for cleaning and inspection, and by the time it was reassembled it was glass bedded, free floated, and the trigger was enhanced with an over travel adjustment and some very careful polishing. As a final touch I did a three stage barrel lap with #s 220 400 & 600 grit compound. The G19 was just cleaned and inspected.
    At the range I started out with the Glock and was not surprised at the results. At 7 yards I put 15 shots into a 2" circle. At 25 yards I put 15 shots into a 7" circle. The pattern was left and the elevation was spot on. I adjusted the rear sight and it shot POA.
    When it was time for the 10/22 I loaded three 25 shot Butler Creek magazines with Remington plated HP bulk ammo. I shot at 25 yards off of a bench with a Harris bipod. The gun was remarkably accurate shooting a 1.25" group for 25 rounds. The first group was 1.75" left and after adjusting the 2x scope the next group made the 10x area of the target disappear.
    I expected to see accuracy and reliability from my guns. The bit of work I did on the 10/22 brought it from an average .22 to one that can shoot right along with those that cost much more. As far as the accuracy of the G19 goes, that is much more dependent on improvements in the shooter and less on the improvements on the gun.

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    You, sir, had a very productive day on the range. Good for you!

    I hit the range two days ago and am going again this morning (neighbor hit me up yesterday for a trip to the range today). That makes three ranges trips since last Sunday. Go figure.

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