The photo of the target hanging was my first magazine. I shot relatively slow, from a two-handed, strong-hand, grip. The groupings aren't that pretty, but I did get 13 of 15 in the 10-point zone, and the other 2 in the 8-point zone at 7 yards.

The photo of the target on the ground represents an additional 85 shots at 7 yards; 19 shots were at the small silhouettes. I took most of the remaining shots after drawing from retention, from under a cover garment. I practiced quick double-taps, and then triple-taps, using a double-hand, and single-hand grip. I also practiced doubles and triples with a two-handed, weak-hand grip, and left hand only. I got 39 (59%) in the 10-point zone, another 8 in the 8-point zone (total of 71%), and 4 that must have passed right through an existing hole.

Adding in the first magazine bring the numbers to: 10-point zone - 64%; 10-point & 8-point zones - 76.5%.

Does anyone know whether that's a good score under the target scoring system?