Shot a hundred blazer fmj through each gun without a single issue. Very accurate and reliable. It' my buddy's first hand gun he has ever owned or shot. He was overjoyed with the gun purchase he made. The decocking safety lever and visible hammer are ideal for a novice first time gun owner.I bought one also,lol.
I was watching very closely, safety was the theme of the day,lol.
We all (three of us) agreed to announce verbally out loud any change in the condition of the gun during the shooting session.
"safety on, loading one in the chamber"
"safety off, ready to fire"
"slide locked open ,reloading magazines"
OOPS one thing I wanted to mention is the first time shooter was using his middle finger that I did not catch standing on his left. I made him change his grip away from the slide. but somehow I did not see him using that middle finger,lol.