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    10mm HSM 200gr FMJ

    Finally got around to shooting some of this HSM ammo today. Weather here in southern Oregon was perfect.
    Rounds were shot out of a stock Glock 20-SF at 25 yards.

    I found a box sitting with some other HSM ammo all by itself at the local Sportsman’s.
    Packaging is basic, they just grabbed 50 rounds, put them in a box and called it good.

    I wasn’t going to put this online, as it seemed pointless. It is highly unlikely anyone will see any ammo on shelves for a very long time, if ever… Now that we have this ‘black cloud’ hanging over us..

    Well what the heck.. I took all the pictures..

    Examining the rounds I found a COL of 1.243-1.246” and Starline brass.

    Taking a look inside I found a powder charge of 7.8grs.

    Here’s a closer look;

    Here is a shot of the primer;

    The sample bullet weighed 200.2grs.

    At the range I shot seven rounds. I still have this ‘first shot is a flyer thing goin on..’
    Aside from the flyer, I got a pretty good group from this ammo.
    The target circles are 5".

    Case head measurements; .4340” .4340” .4340” .4342” .4332” .4339” .4338”

    This is not wimpy ammo.. Velocity averaged 1086 fps and a spread of 26 fps.

    Well, that’s about it.. Be safe.

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    Thanks for the review. I got 4 boxes from there last summer and haven't tried them yet.

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    RDub, I know this one is older but the powder looks like Longshot for the HSM 200 FMJ.
    Take care, best regards...

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