No air conditioning. In a sweat!

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      No air conditioning. In a sweat!

      I came out of the range in a sweat! The "Firing Line" in Port Richey in my town is too hot in the Summer. Although the air is circulated it is way too hot with this Florida humidity
      They range people told me that it is too expensive to a/c! When I am down in St. Petersburg I go to the ranges down there and they are well air, they don't
      charge tax. Bill Jackson in Pinellas Park and Knights Range across the road are great examples of great a/c, clean, bright and concerned.

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      Yes, summer time is always tough. It's horrendously hot here in TX

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      I'm in Jacksonville, We are lucky to have both. My main club is gateway, It is all out side. But for the 4-h we do have them inside where we have a/c.

      But on very hot day's,If you in Jax's go to gun gallery. Range is inside, I like to be outside more then inside.

      By being out side, You teach about everything. You can't do that inside, Outside you have the wind rain and so on.

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      I had that same problem in Louisville Ky. I quit going as it was hot all the time! I now drive 30 miles out to the country.

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