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      My wife and I recently got our permits and she loves shooting now. She's wanting a LCP or P3AT. She don't like my 9mm but loves her snub nose Taurus .38sp revolver. When we took our course she out shot everybody at the range, even us guys! She's 4'10" 85lbs and I'm scared to come in late on the weekends now

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      I have known several women who can outshoot men. I think they have more discipline to use good form and do not have too much pride to ask questions that beginners need answered.

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      Quote Originally Posted by DevilsJohnson View Post
      I've found if you can get a woman to a range and get them to shoot they will do it really well after the initial shock. My daughter at eleven years old could out shoot most men I knew. she never flinched. No matter what we put in her hand she wouldn't. Funny. she like most females I've met that shoot didn't like a 40 either. She'll shoot bigger but she just does not like the round. Says it feels funny.

      Sounds like you created a shooting monster. Careful what you wish but at least you get to get more guns..heh
      I will agree with not liking shooting a 40. I have a Springfiled XD9 and love it.
      I do out-shoot my fiance and I am a real newbie, only 2 weeks old with shooting.
      Us women always need new purses to carry our stuff in!!!! LOL
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      I got my daughter shooting my P16 the other day and she actually liked it. But I think it's because it's a little heavier than my other 40 pistols (Browning Pro-40 and Sig P229). I love shooting with her. She's really good at it and it makes me want to do better. It does seem to unnerve her boyfriend though because she does a lot better than he does I still have never met anyone that can bring a weapon up as quick as she can and be on target. It makes this old timer really happy. she has been window shopping for pistols since she was 16 being I told her I'll buy her one when she turns 21.

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      I think it's great having your wife so interested in shooting, and I guess you really can't blame her for liking your fn so much right? My wife was actually anti gun when we met. After a few years together, she was the one asking me if I wanted to go out and shoot target, and she has even been deer hunting with me a few times. I haven't gotten to the point of worrying about losing my toys, but I would be pretty happy if she asked for her own I guess.

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      I'd have to agree that there isnt anything much better than shooting with your girlfriend, especially when she gets to impress your friends. The last time my girlfriend and i went shooting she shot a couple of 12 ga 3 1/2" mags, and the time before that she shot the same clay twice... it was pretty impressive if i may say so myself.

      it is also funny how much more accurate girls can be than guys. my g/f has been shooting maybe a half dozen times in her life, and can definitly hold her own with the guys i shoot with who hunt and have been around guns all their lives.

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      That's good news. I brought my g/f out and she hated it...

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