Well, my wife and I just got back from the range. We shot her Llama .380, my K-T P32, the P22 and my dad's old Raven .25acp. I got to put a magazine of the 60gr. Corbon JHP through the P32 and good God!. If I miss with the bullet, the ball of flame will probably light an attacker on fire! Either way, either he would be hurting or pooping his pants. Well the old Raven .25 is suprisingly accurate at 7yds, keeping all rounds on an 8.5x11 shoot-n-c style target. The P22 is still trucking along, delightfully putting rounds werever I want them to go, I even took some shots at a few steel plates set up in the back of the range. Kira's still a little mad that the Llama won't group as well as she wants it to. I shot an offhand 5rd group with it at 7 yds and managed 2". That made her a little upset, even though she is shooting just fine for defensive purposes. I think I might paint some white dots on the sights for her like the P22 has, she does better with that. All in all a relaxing, but all too short Sunday range trip.