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    Range Rpt: XD Custom Shop XD45

    Just got my XD45 4" back from SA Custom.

    Trigger pull reduced to 3.5#
    Adjustable Overtravel Stop Installed
    Total Length of Pull Reduction
    Reset Reduction

    - Total "uptake" before the trigger provided resistance is now almost zero. Maybe 1/8th inch of slack. Feels almost like a 1911.
    - Trigger pull is a CRISP 3.5 pounds, more like my Buck Mark than my XD9SC now!
    - Over-travel is almost zero! The sear releases and the trigger STOPS...
    - The reset is about 1/3 that of my XD9SC!

    SERIOUS improvements!

    So how does it effect shooting?
    It tore ragged holes before at 7M, but inconsistantly. Now it put 29 rounds into a silver dollar group at 7M with one yank...
    At 10M??? My first attempt at 10M with a Official 25 yd slow-fire pistol target yielded a 99... Nine 10s, and one 9. The group measured about 2.5" across. And it was my first time at 10M post-mods.

    The trigger breaks like a 1911, with a much better "suprise" break.

    Functionally?? I only had 50 rounds of UMC FMJ with me, but it ran 100%. I'll put 250-500 more through it this week before it goes back into defensive carry rotation...

    Shooting it fast, I had only one "suprise" release, but that's just getting use to HALF the trigger pull of before. Speed shooting at 7M resulted in a 5-6" group for 10 rounds in about 5 seconds, with the one SUPRISE nipping the edge of the paper... Bad trigger-work... LOL

    The work at SA was about $175.

    I also got a set of Trijicon sights installed ($90) and they are crisp, and fantastic at the range. The front post is a little narrower than the factory XD sights, and the rear sight has a sharp, square, front, good for racking the slide on your belt in an emergeny for a one-handed clearance drill. The factory XD sights hve a sloped front edge.

    I'm VERY happy so far with Sprifield's work, and the gun was back in LESS THEN 30 DAYS!


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    That sounds great Jeff, I'm glad you're happy with it. I'm excited to see how it stands up with some more rounds through it. Looking forward to your next report!


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    Sounds good. Hope it stay's that way going forward.

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    Glad it all worked out for you Jeff. Sounds like you got yourself a real shooter now. Good luck with it.

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    Jeff, I am curious about how much the shorter reset affects your speed on multiple shots, once you speed up from two shots per second and get to around 4-5 rounds per second.

    I am not too crazy about zero overtravel. A bit of dirt or crud in the wrong spot can cause such a gun to stop working, at least in some designs. Test it thoroughly before using for defense.

    I look forward to trying your spiffy pistol in Orlando in '09.
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