new ultra carry II

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      new ultra carry II

      i was a bit apprehensive about the recoil of such a small 45 but was pleasantly surprised by how easy and accurate it shoots.
      first outing was 100 rounds of 230 ball plus a dozen hydra shocks. not one hicup. second outing was 200 rounds on 230 ball and i had 3 failure to go into battery between 150 and 200 rounds. i feel sure this was due to how dirty the gun had gotten.
      i have a very nice combat commander that i love to shoot but is too heavy to carry. this new gun fills in very nicely.
      i think i'm in love.

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      I here they are a great little .45. You just have to change the recoil springs in them a little more often. I can sure understand it starting to fail a little after about 150rds. Clean her and lube it and your back shooting in no time. Good luck.

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