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    Post Progress!

    See the details of my disastrous previous trip here: Frustrated. What am I doing wrong?

    I think my dry-firing practice has paid off a little. Although I was using different ammo today as well (S&B Brass 115 GR instead of WWB), so I suppose it's not a true comparison. Everything else is the same. Same targets and still shooting from 7 yards, and still left-handed. Here are the results:

    My first target of the day. I seem to have fixed my elevation problem, but am still hitting to the right. You can see the one shot where I flinched and/or jerked the trigger:

    Second target. I reverted to my old ways, but then managed to get control and zero it in for a couple shots. At least it's all in the black, right?

    Probably my best one of the day in terms of accuracy and grouping:

    Can anybody "read" these targets and give me some more advice? I'm sure I just need to keep up my trigger control exercises.

    Still loving the gun. No malfunctions yet. Except I did experience for the first time, the slide going forward upon inserting a full magazine. I must have slammed it home too hard. Before that point I had only been firing 5 shots at a time.

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    That looks like real progress RTC. If you keep practicing the group will tighten up some more. You may ultimately want to tweak the sights left-right but don't do it for a while.


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    Still pressing the trigger too hard. You're going "gentle...easy...soft...NOW!"

    After the shot fires, keep the trigger pressed all the way back, then release it slowly until you feel the soft "click" as it resets.

    It'll come.

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