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    My handheld lead slingers

    I took these a while back for insurance purposes...
    For pic of my Baby Desert Eagle...look at my avatar. lol

    Custom 1911 commander CorBon .400

    Star BM 9mm

    Walther P22 .22lr

    CZ 52 7.62x25

    Erma ET-22 .22lr

    Pietta Remington 1858 .44cal cap-n-ball

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    hawcer: Sir; you got a good looking herd there sir.
    Next? Range Report with Pictures

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    Thank you!

    Range report huh???

    I'll have to take my camera to the range next time or heaven forbid I save my targets... before they are competely full of holes.

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    very nice collection.that erma is sweet!!!.

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    I am also a big fan of the 7.62x25.great round and fun to shoot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by txpete View Post
    very nice collection.that erma is sweet!!!.
    Thanks...My Dad gave that one to me .It used to be my Grandpa's.When He passed away my Grandma sold his whole collection of guns to a guy for $500(I was pissed off for a long time about that) Luckily ,Grandma thought that the Erma was my dads....

    I have shot it just enough to be sure that it functions correctly and then put it away for safe keeping.

    I agree,The 7.62x25 is a fun round to shoot and you can find surplus ammo fairly cheap if you don't mind a heavy cleaning after each session.

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    the romanian ammo is cheap and accurate.I just use windex-D then do a good reg cleaning after that and no the tok the fireballs are great.
    I bought a set of dies and a bullet mold for the 7.62x25 but haven't started reloading it yet.I am just having too much fun with the surplus ammo.
    again nice guns and good pics.

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