I got a dog at the local pound about 3 years ago. Her name was Brownie and she was a 6 month old lab/pit mix. Brownie is about 60 lbs and can run like a full back and has a set of shoulders to match. When my other dogs are playing chase with her, she can turn at top speed in such a tight circle that the other dog will just spin out and go rolling. Her athletic ability is amazing. When I brought her home I wasn't going to allow her in the house. She would howl at the door all night and began destroying my water sprinkling system in the back yard. I was beginning to get really frustrated with her. I finally thought, I am going to let you come in the house and see what happens. I installed a doggie door. I swear from that day forward Brownie never destroyed another thing in my back yard or in the house. I swear sometimes dogs are so smart its scary. She has been the best dog I could have ever wished for. She now sleep in bed with me every night and spends most of the time indoors while I'm at work all day. It was almost like we made a deal with each other. You let me in the house and make me a full part of this family and I'll be a good girl. She has sure kept up her end of the deal.