I was walking my dogs at a very public baseball training facility the other day. Suddenly I noticed a man with two pits off leash in a large grassy field around the ballpark. This is an area where I routinely see men flying a kite with there kids, bicylists, and women jogging with their babies in strollers. Suddenly one of the pits started charging towards us. I think having dogs makes for an even bigger target. The dog got within 30 yds and stopped and barked a couple times and then amazingly turned and went back. I was only armed with a can of pepper spray. There was no place to go. Words can't really express the feeling of helplessnes I felt there for a few moment. I don't ever want to feel that vulnerable again. Even with a baseball bat I would have had a hard time using it with just one free hand to swing while trying to restrain my dogs. I decided then and there a handgun might be something to consider. No, the dogs didn't attack but for the life of me I can't understand why he would want to take such a risk. I would consider that guy and idiot. He quickly loaded the dogs up and left and I do believe it scared him too.
I am now trying to choose an easy to carry handgun for that worse case situation that would work well for jogging. I'm not dogging pit bulls because one of my own is a pit/lab mix and I could ask for a better dog.