Need help with my dog

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      Need help with my dog

      Ok so my bassett hound keep scratching and whining. I have checked him over and over and there isnt any fleas. I am thinking dry skin. Is there anything you can use to help mosturize his skin so he wont itch bad.

      Also, he stinks...well just smells like dog. I have tried to bathe him but it doesnt happen. He bites and scratches and wont stand still. Is there some way that is easy to bathe him. I tried the waterless shampoo but it didnt help.

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      He may have some sort of allergy rearing it's ugly head... My golden retriever has severe skin allergies and is on a special food diet. I also have to use a special shampoo for him when bathing him. He is also allergic to certain types of molds, so I have keep on top of that as well.

      When giving him a bath, only use an oatmeal based shampoo with no added chemicals.
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      I recommend Dinovite. It really works. Not just good advertising for a bad product.

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      I too have a dog with severe allergies. We use oatmeal shampoo as well, and some times a medicated shampoo.

      You really should have a vet look at your dog. Stuff like this can quickly turn into an infection, and then you have much bigger problems to deal with.

      Believe it or not, there are actually dog dermatologists out there and your dog may need to see one.

      Good luck and I hope your dog gets better.

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      A lot of times, skin reactions will crop up due to food allergies. Usually due to fillers in cheap foods. Over-bathing can cause issues as well. I went through the whole deal with my dog and his demodex. Boxers are especially intolerant of fillers so it took me about 5 foods before I found something Cooper could eat and didn't cause a loss of hair or itching. Loose stools were another issue, but food allergies don't always cause that. What food are you feeding him right now?

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