Has anyone been to the VF gun show?

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    Has anyone been to the VF gun show?

    The VF gun show is coming to King of Prussia, PA in March, so if anyone's been there before and has any opinions about which dealers to look for, or look out for, I'd greatly appreciate it if you would share them.

    Also, I'm a bit anxious about what to expect when I talk to dealers there. I've been to a few gun shops and firing ranges, and when the sales people get started with the technical talk, my eyes just glaze over and I leave before it's completely obvious I have no idea what they're talking about. I'm in the market for a good quality, affordable, new or used, .45 ACP for a CCW. I've read enough to narrow my choices down to a Glock 30 or SA XD (I think), but I'm not a gun guy and will be way out of my league at a gun show, so any advice on gun show etiquette and how to not look like a complete idiot would also be appreciated.

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    Know what you want and reserch it. Know the local prices of the gun you want. These guys at the gun shows are all about money and could care less about the features of the gun. Go to all the big vendors tables and price your gun. Keep asking is that the best you can do. Bug them and keep coming back and telling him you can get it over at the other vendor for $50 cheaper. The last day of the show about 2hrs before closing is the best time. Your only going to get it so low and when you reach that point grab it. This is for new guns only. Small vendors or private partys is a different ball game.

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    Smile VF Gunshow

    I've been to the show a number of times and enjoy it. Lots of dealers there but I think they charge more than the stores in Jersey. I buy ammo at reasonable prices as well as reloading supplies.

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    The one coming up in March will be my first time going.

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