looking for a single stacked easy to conceal EDC gun

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      looking for a single stacked easy to conceal EDC gun

      Hey guys i'm looking for an easy to conceal single stacked gun that won't break the bank. Any suggestions or is anyone out there trying to get rid of theres? I have a fair amount of experience with guns and rifles but never actually owned a handgun before.

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      Check out the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield. This one would fit your criteria.

      M&P SHIELD - Smith & Wesson

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      Kahr CM9. It goes in your pocket and shoots great.

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      Depends which features are important or which you like better.

      Last year i took a long look at a few single stack 9's (except M&P Shield cuz it was out of stock everywhere). I really liked the Kahr CM9. Smoothest DAO trigger out of the models tested and really liked the straight 8 (combat) sights. The agressive grip texturing was very nice and provided a secure grip. The price is right as well. Found it extremely accurate for it's intended distances. The CM9 found a new home that day.

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      I very much enjoyed the Ruger LC9, however my wife couldn't shoot it so I swapped it out for a S&W Shield. I'm very happy with this pistol and it was price was good. I got a chance to try a Kahr CW40 this summer and I think that is a decent choice. I liked the trigger over the lc9 it is a striker not a hammer fired if that is of concern. the kimber solo has a super trigger however the little bastard is super slick and hard to hold on to while shooting.

      SHIELD 9mm

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      No brainer. S&W Shield.

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