Anybody know Tom Novak?

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      Anybody know Tom Novak?

      Anybody know Tom Novak of Novak's Handgunner Outlet in Latrobe PA? He's had a gun of mine for 17 months and I can't get in touch with him.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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      Call the Police?

      In Florida, over $600 is called Grand Larceny.


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      From an older thread. Good luck!

      Novak's Handgunner Outlet


      I'll warn you straight off the Mr. Tom Novak is a master craftsman when it comes to handguns. He is also, a really good guy. That said, his business skills are a bit off. Tom doesn't always answer his phone and will sometimes allow his phone messages to pile up. His site is currently down. The aforementioned phone number has been changed and the new number is 724-539-5530. If you can get through and make arrangements for Tom to do your work, you will not be disappointed. He added a trigger stop that reduces over travel as well. I'll add a picture later when I have some time.

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      "really good guy"
      Send a letter by certified mail informing him that you will call the police.
      Then wait 2 weeks and call the police.

      He sounds like kind of a screw-up to me.

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      Maybe he was abducted by aliens to work on a new space gun Sorry, I've heard nothing negative about him.

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