Getting stationed in Hawaii

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      Getting stationed in Hawaii

      How difficult will it be to register my guns here? I heard that I have to do it within 72 hours of moving there. Also what's CCW like there? And are there any restrictions on mag capacity? Thanks, I don't really want to move there, but the Navy says I have to.

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      Well, that is at least a pretty place to live.

      All I know about Hawaii is that ya can't have more than 10 rounder mags there. Someone else can fill in more for ya...

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      Yes, all firearms must be registered in Hawaii within 72 hours of arrival.

      Concealed weapons permits are "may issue" in theory, in actual practice, they are non-existant.

      Open carry is prohibited in public areas.

      Handguns may not be possessed without an approval permit from the police.

      Good luck!

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      I lived on Oahu (Scholfield Barracks (Army)) for five years (my oldest daughter was born at Tripler Army hospital). It is a VERY liberal (politically) state. It is a very beautiful state and if you love the water, which I assume you do since you’re submerged under it for extended lengths of time, then it’s fun. Good scuba/snorkeling. Just watch out for the big waves on the North shore in the winter. One about took my kids away.

      I did not investigate the CCW issue when I was there and it was in the early nineties anyway.

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