Niceties gone as Taft nears the end

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      Niceties gone as Taft nears the end

      Niceties gone as Taft nears the end
      Friday, December 01, 2006
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      Columbus- The professional respect between the governor and the two leaders of the state legislature - all Republicans - may be coming to an end.

      When Gov. Bob Taft vetoes a gun control bill headed his way, it will only be the third time in his eight years of office that he has balked on an entire bill sent by the legislature.

      And when Senate President Bill Harris and House Speaker Jon Husted respond by seeking to override the governor, as expected, it will be the first time leaders in their position have attempted such a power move against Taft.

      The sparks could fly next week.

      Each chamber would need two-thirds of their members to vote affirmatively - 20 in the Senate and 60 in the House - to override a governor's veto.

      Other than line-item vetoes in massive budget bills, legislative leaders typically avoid sending bills to Taft that they know he won't sign into law.

      But Harris and Husted chose now to stand up to Taft, an unpopular politician set to leave office Jan. 7.

      At issue is substitute-House Bill 347, which revises the state's concealed carry gun law to allow licensed gun owners to drive with their firearms concealed.

      The measure would also implement one set of uniform concealed carry rules and wipe away more than 80 local ordinances.

      Taft let it be known before Wednesday, when both the Senate and House rushed the bill through the Statehouse, that he disagrees with both provisions.

      After the Senate approved the measure 19-10 (with four members absent), Harris said he had the votes to override a veto.

      Husted wants to see if Taft is bluffing. "We are waiting to see what the governor does," said Husted spokeswoman, Karen Tabor.

      "But clearly the vote was 74-14, if you want to read anything into that."

      Mark Rickel, the governor's spokesman, said Husted doesn't have to wait. Taft "is going to veto it," Rickel reinterated.

      Taft has 10 days to sign, veto, or allow the bill to become law without a signature.

      In 2003, Taft vetoed a bill that would have restricted his ability to close mentally retarded and developmentally disabled facilities due to budget concerns. And in 2001, he scrapped a bill to create an Olympic committee charged with luring the 2012 summer games to Cincinnati.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Shipwreck View Post
      The sparks could fly next week.

      Let 'em fly! That piece of crap no good Governor trading on his political name and masquerading as a Republican has done more to screw this state and the Republican Party across the country with mismanagement and scandal and taxes and spending than any real Democrat has done...funny thing is that the new Democrat Governor actually supports this bill but it will never see the light of day again with all the Liberals coming into our state legislature after the Democratic sweep of Ohio (and the country, thanks to things like what have happened in Ohio).

      The bad thing is that the veto override in the House is pretty solid but the Senate is real shakey, REAL shakey. And the media has started a public sentiment polical campaign. We had a couple supporters fail to vote and a couple turncoat already with the first go around to get the Bill passed. Hopefully they will be buoyed enough by the drive to stick it to Shaft and keep their balls about them instead of caving to a political look of saying yes to "gun nuts".

      Either way I'll be happier when Gov'na Shaft is out of here.
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