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    Question selling gun

    i'm looking to sell one of my guns and i'm thinking about posting it on which i found on here. the only problem is that i've never sold a gun before and i don't know how to go about doing it. i'm in ohio and i know at the gun show some people will just sell you one with no background check. the thing is though if i were to sell my gun how do i know i'm not selling it to a convicted felon that is going to do something wrong with it then it come back to me? Any one from ohio who's ever sold a gun please give me some feedback.



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    As long as you sell to an Ohio resident, no paperwork is needed. Any sale to a non resident needs to go through an FFL. As for not selling to a felon, background check?

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    no guns for crimnals

    I have bought guns from different people on They require all transactions to be accepted by a FFL dealer so the buyer needs to comply with their state gun laws. Several purchases I have made from regular people without a FFL and who just have a extra gun to sell. This way you will be assured that your buyer can legally own the firearm you sell them; no guns for criminals. Hope this helps, Silent Joe.

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    ohio territory?
    IF you sell a gun at a gun show, ask to see the buyers drivers license. If he won't, then Don't! Gunbroker handles finding a FFL for you or your local gs will accept shipment of your new gun. Just ask them, they will help.

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    If your state requires it's residents to have a concealed weapons permit or if it's a state like mine where it's optional, you can ask to see that permit before making the sale and be assured that the purchaser is not a convicted felon. If you advertise it, you might want to include that request.

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